Guidelines for having correct CVs


With the launching of the internet based Civil Service Information System (CSIS), the civil servants can now log onto the CSIS and view their CVs in the system.


One of the main objectives of the CSIS is to have accurate and complete information of all civil servants.  For various historical and technical reasons, the information in the CSIS migrated from the old Zhiyog system is often incomplete and inaccurate.  With the CSIS in place, providing access to personal information, the responsibility for having correct and complete personal information in the system is now largely vested on the individual civil servants themselves.


The RCSC therefore, would like to request to every civil servant to kindly follow the following guidelines for having correct personal information in the system.


The guideline is as follows:


1.   Log onto the CSIS at (For instructions and guidelines on how to log onto the CSIS click here).


2.   View personal information and CV as instructed.


3.   If the personal information in the CSIS is wrong or incomplete, then necessary documents as evidence should be submitted to concern HRO with a copy to the Chief, MISD at RCSC. (For example, if the qualification is wrong or incomplete, then one needs to submit attested copies of Degree/Certificate along with mark sheet to the concerned HRO, who would require original copies for verification).


4.   Follow the same process for rest of the personal information.


5.   The information shall be updated based on the documentary evidence that are provided.