Frequently Asked Question on Leadership Feedback System

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1. Log in fail

  1.         i. If the log-in fail is because you forgot your password, you have an option to reset your password, OR

  3.         ii. If log in fails, it could also be because the DOB that you enter does not match the DOB that is on your CV, so please check your CV. Only the DOB that is on your CV will work

2. If your LFS dashboard show 0, these are the following options

  1.         i. This means that you have not been reflected under one of the division. By default, LFS requires your name to         be reflected under one of the division. Therefore, if you belong to a division, get in touch with your HRO         and have your CV updated

  3.         ii. If you do not belong to any division but work directly under the supervision of head of Agency, then please         email us at

3. your Supervisor is not reflected in the Feedback Recipient list

If your supervisor is not reflected in the Feedback Recipient list, kindly inform your HRO. HROs are required to update the information of the officiating on CSIS.

4. Who should you provide feedback to?

If you are working in a Ministry, then those in S5 to P2 level officials usually have to provide feedback to your division chief, to your director and to your Secretary. The general principle applicable here is that you provide feedback to those with whom you are supposed to have close professional linkage.

5. Feedback receiver are not able to see the feedback provided to them

Until the deadline is closed, feedback recipient will not be able to see the feedback that they have received. This is to ensure that they do not see who has provided feedback. For e.g. Even if a supervisor comes to know that certain Mr. X has provided the feedback, he will not be able to see what feedback has been given. However after the deadline, when everyone has provided the feedback, the supervisor will then be able to see the consolidated feedback he has received. He/ She will still not know who has said what. Therefore, please rest assure Feedback provided is highly confidential

6. Those on secondment to Agencies outside of Civil Service, those on studies and those on EOL are not required to provide feedback

7. On Secondment to another Civil Service Agency.

Those on secondment to Civil Service Agency, will have to provide feedback to supervisor in their working agency. E.g. Dzongkhag Kidu officer will have to provide feedback to their Dzongdag and not to the Director or Secretary of their Working Agency

8. Submission of Feedback.

Feedback Submission option has been deployed. Please log in and check on the give feedback section. The name of the feedback recipient should appear.