Conduct of Candidate
  • Conduct of Candidate
  • a.   Reach the examination/viva voce centre at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time;
    b.   Be in the national dress;
    c.   Be allowed to enter examination only on production of the e-Admission Card;
    d.  Allow frisking/checking at entry point of the exam hall as well as after completing examination;
    e.   Not bring any article, electronic devices, document or written material of any form inside the hall, except the Admission Card, ink, pen, pencil, eraser and non- programmable calculator (if required);
    f.   Conform his behaviour to the Civil Service Values and Conduct prescribed under the Rule;
    g.   Not be under the influence of intoxicants/alcohol in and around examination premises;
    h.   Not canvass for getting favour in the examination in any manner;
    i.   Not talk, consult, whisper, smoke, eat or indulge in any unacceptable behaviour in the examination hall;
    j.   Not carry electronics, including mobiles; and
    k.   Not give or leave any identification marks on the written answer sheet(s) other than the allotted registration number.

  •  Non-compliance to the above rules shall result in debarring of the candidate from the present as well as future BCSE.
  •  Any breach of rules during the examination by a candidate shall be reported in writing to the RCSC by the Chief Invigilator. Such a candidate shall be liable for disciplinary/ legal action by the RCSC.