Frequently Asked Questions by candidates appearing for the Bhutan Civil Service Examinations and Answers

Question:        What are the documents required during the e-registration for the examination?

Answer:           There is no document required during the e-registration.



Question:        How many times am I permitted to appear for the Bhutan Civil Service Examination?

Answer:           You are permitted to appear PE and ME for unlimited time within the age limit of 35 for pre-service or 45 for inservice gradautes. 



Question:        What is the age limit to be eligible for the BCSE?

Answer:           The age limit for an in-service civil servant is 45 years and 35 years for other pre-service candidates as on the last date of registration.


Question:        What are the documents required for appearing the ME?

Answer:      You are required to submit the following documents in original as well as a set of photo copies during documents verification:

1. Valid Bhutanese Citizenship Identity Card;

2. Valid Security Clearance Certificate which shall be verified online;

3. Class X transcripts;

4. Class XII transcripts;

5. Degree certificate/provisional certificate and academic transcript by semester-wise/year-wise or consolidated statement of marks;

6. No Objection Certificate from the employer for appearing the Bhutan Civil Service Examination and appointment in the civil service, if employed.

7. A certificate of registration/accreditation and internship completion letter from the Bhutan Qualifications and Professionals Certification Authority for graduates in medical and health profession.


Question:        What is No Object Certificate (NOC) required for appearing the BCSE?

Answer:           NOC is a certificate issued by the employing agency for appearing the BCSE and appointment in the Civil Service, if employed in the Civil Service, Corporation, Private, NGO, Project etc. 


Question:        Where will I get ‘No Object Certificate’ (NOC) from if I were employed?

Answer:           You are required to obtain NOC from your Agency/Organisation you are currently working in and it must be signed by the Head of the Agency/Organisation.


Question:        When am I required to submit the certificates of merit?

Answer:           You are required to submit the certificates of merit, if any, in original during viva voce.


Question:        When am I required to submit my degree certificate?

Answer:           You can submit your ‘Degree Certificate’ along with your academic transcripts and other documents, which are mandatory, during documents verification before the ME. However, if you have not received your degree certificate from your college/university yet, you will be given a extension till the date of appointment, which otherwise would lead to the cancellation of the result.



Question:        Who are considered as “in-service” candidates?

Answer:           The candidates who are currently serving in the civil service is considered as “in-service” candidates.



Question:        What does it mean by ‘cooling off’ period?

Answer:           The ‘Cooling off’ period is a duration of 1 year required to maintain after de-registration from a political party if you were a registered member of it and before registering for the BCSE.



Question:        Where will be the examinations held?  

Answer:           All important information regarding the examination, including your schedule and venue for the examinations will be made available on our website before conduct of every activity of the examination.