Notification - April 29, 2020

The Commission has observed that for Civil Servants who come into conflict with the law, the completion of Court/disciplinary proceeding takes a substantial amount of time at every level of the appellate authority. Furthermore, in most cases when the appellate loses his case, he keeps appealing till the highest appellate Court resulting in case taking many years to complete. Read more…

Shortlist of 2020 GoI/RGoB Scholarship Announcement - April 23, 2020

The Royal Civil Service Commission is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates of GoI/RGoB Scholarship 2020-2021 read more

Selection Interview Result for TICA 2020 Scholarship, academic year 2020 - April 13, 2020

The Royal Civil Service Commission is pleased to announce the Interview result for the TICA 2020 scholarship (2nd lot) held on 13th April, 2020 read more

Closing of Registration of Volunteers for COVID – 19 Responders - April 10, 2020

 Deep appreciation to the 1100 plus volunteers who have signed-up for the “Frontline COVID – 19 responder” training. Thank you for showing solidarity, it means much in such unexceptional time. 


Read more..

Volunteer for Blood donation - April 9, 2020

The RCSC in collaboration with the Ministry of Health would like to invite Civil Servants to volunteer for blood donation. This call is made as the global pandemic of COVID-19 has the potential to reduce the supply of blood and blood components and adversely affect blood transfusion services. Read More…

Soliciting Civil Service Volunteers for Frontline Covid -19 Responders - April 9, 2020

The Ministry of Health in preparation for an unforeseeable red stage COVID-19 situation would require around 300 civil servants to volunteer as “Frontline COVID-19 Responders’ who would provide backup support to the 3000 health professionals. This back-up plan is to train and keep the volunteers ready for deployment, should the situation demand.Read More…