NOTIFICATION- July 4, 2024

In accordance with Section of the BCSR 2023, the Royal Civil Service Commission during its 7th Commission

Meeting held on July 3, 2024, decided to remodel the BCSE for the Clinical Nurses (B.Sc Nursing) as an interim measure. The components of the Preliminary Examination are moved to Paper II of the Main Exams. The Paper II for Main Exams for Clinical Nurses will consist of Written Examination on General Subject Knowledge for 50 Marks, Problem-Solving for 25 marks and Data Interpretation 25 marks.

The Clinical Nurses are not required to appear for Preliminary Examination (PE) from BCSE 2024  until further notice. This decision is taken in the interest to create opportunities for the B.Sc Nursing graduates to serve and improve the quality of our health care in the face of increasing attrition among nurses recently. 

This notification shall remain in effect until further notice.

(Royal Civil Service Commission)