Air Ticket Quotations- January 30, 2019

The RCSC Secretariat is pleased to invite sealed bids from the eligible license holders for the supply of air tickets via the most direct routes from the following sector.

  1. Type of Class:                                     Economy Class                                                          

  Nos. of pax                             1 Pax                                                                          

Date                                        Sector                                                            

February 08, 2019                   Singapore – Bangkok

February 15, 2018                   Bangkok – Singapore

  1. Air ticket for the officials from Paro to the places where there is Druk Air Sector operation will be provided by the Druk Air. Therefore, you are requested to submit quotation for the transit flight from the places where there is Druk Air Sector operation to the places where there is no Druk Air Sector operation in accordance with the Druk Air Flight Schedule.
  2. Please submit the quotation with full fare and the rate should be quoted as per the sector given above.
  3. Flexi ticketing, option to change the dates and name of the person in the event of cancellation or postponement of the program after tickets are being issued.
  4. Full refund with zero cancellation charge.
  5. Room to negotiate the price after the tender is awarded to the lowest bidder in comparison to other online ticketing portals.
  1. Airline and seats must be confirmed while submitting the quotation and submit confirmed itineraries.
  2. The details of the traveler (s) will be provided in the work order.
  1. Any bids received by the purchaser after the deadline for submission of bids prescribed by the purchaser, will be declared “Late” and rejected and returned unopened to the bidder.
  2. Quoted rates shall be unconditional and valid as per the details mentioned above.
  3. Tender document should contain a photocopy of valid trade license issued by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  4. Tender should be accompanied with a lump sum amount of Nu. 5,000.00 only as earnest money deposit in the form of draft/cash warrant issued in favour of the Head, AFS, RCSC.
  5. The earnest money of Nu. 5,000.00 of the lowest evaluated bidder shall be retained with the RCSC as performance security deposit and will be returned only after the delivery of the air tickets mentioned in the supply order for the above sector.
  6. In case the lowest bidder withdraws his/her bid then the second lowest bidder shall be asked to purchase and issue tickets and the difference amount shall be borne by the lowest bidder.
  7. Quotation without EMD and without sealed envelope will be rejected.
  8. Sealed quotation should be submitted to the RCSC on or before January 31, 2018 at 12.30 PM. & quotation will be opened on the same date.
  9. No complaint either in written or verbal shall be accepted from the travel agent after the award is finalized.
  10. The bids in a sealed envelope should be addressed to the Head, Administration & Finance Services, Royal Civil Service Commission, Thimphu.