Amendment to Section and, e, f of Chapter 26 of BCSR 2018- May 15, 2019

The Royal Civil Service Commission vide it’s 3rd Commission Meeting held on May 7, 2019 amended Section and, e, f, of Chapter 26 on Executive and Specialist, Bhutan Civil Service Rules & Regulation, 2018 as follows: shall be amended as“Candidate who are not selected in three selection interviews for Executive Position will not be eligible to apply for Executive Vacant position for 6 months from the date of declaration of result of the last interview”. shall be amended as “The Candidate ranked first by three or more out of Five Panellists and having scored  the threshold of 80% and above (total average score) willbe selected”. shall be amended as “When there is no selection based on, sum of all the ranking will be considered and the candidate with the lowest sum and having scored the threshold of 80% and above (total average score)will be selected”. shall be amended as “In the event, there is a tie when considering sum of ranking, the average score of the marks of two tied candidates only will be used to determine the final selection. The candidate with higher score and meetingthe threshold of 80% and above (total average score)will be selected”.