The Royal Civil Service Commission is pleased to announce the Bhutan Civil Service Examination (BCSE) 2018 for recruitment of University Graduates in Professional & Management Category in the Civil Service:



  • The objective of Preliminary Examination (PE) shall be to shortlist candidates for the Main Examination and ensure minimum standard required of a candidate.
  • A candidate shall be permitted to appear PE up to a maximum of three attempts only.
  • Preliminary Examination Papers shall be common to all categories of graduates.
  • Preliminary Examination shall be objective type questions to test English and Dzongkha communication skills, logic and analytical, problem solving and data interpretation abilities of the candidates.
  • Candidates shall be required to answer in the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet provided by the RCSC.
  • Only those candidates who achieve the minimum cut off marks are eligible to sit for the Main Examination.
  • Marks obtained in the Preliminary Examination shall not be carried forward to the Main Examination and shall be valid only for that particular year.



  • The objective of the Main Examination is to test candidate’s core competencies and subject/general knowledge for final selection.
  • A candidate shall be permitted to appear ME up to a maximum of two attempts only.
  • Candidates appearing the Main Examination shall be grouped under the following categories of the BCSE:
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA);
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM);
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE);
    • Technical Graduates: Positions requiring technical subject knowledge and Law graduates for PGDNL;
    • Dzongkha Graduates: Teaching positions (PGDE) in Schools and other positions in Agencies requiring Dzongkha knowledge; and
    • B.Ed. Graduates: Teaching positions in Schools. As in the past, the B.Ed. Graduates will appear the Main Examination only.
  • Main Examination shall consist of the following three parts with the corresponding weightage for PGDPA, PGDFM, PGDE, Technical Graduates including PGDNL, and Dzongkha Graduates:
    • Part I: Academic Achievement (AA) – 10%
    • Part II: Written Examination (WE) – 70%
    • Part III: Viva Voce (VV) – 20%

Whereas, weightage for the B.Ed. Graduates is as follows:

    • Part I: Academic Achievement (AA) – 20%
    • Part II: Written Examination (WE) – 60%
    • Part III: Viva Voce (VV) – 20%


Have a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree of at least three years duration from an Institute recognized by the relevant authorities of the Royal Government in the relevant field with the exception for the following:

  • Candidates from Shedras, who are awarded equivalent Bachelors/Masters Degree in two years;
  • With a minimum of two-year Bachelors Degree acquired by in-service candidates with minimum of Class X and Certificate/Diploma of two years or more, if duly validated by the Royal University of Bhutan/Bhutan Accreditation Council/Bhutan Medical and Health Council and other similar authorities empowered by an Act of the Parliament, for in-service Civil Service candidates; and
  • With Masters Degree but without Bachelors Degree approved by the RCSC for in-service Civil Service candidates prior to 2nd September, 2007.

Meet the following subject requirements:

  • PGDPA: Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in any field.
  • PGDFM: Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce/Economics(Honours)/Economics (Majors)/Business Administration/Business Management.
  • PGDE: Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree/Masters Degree with at least one relevant subject prescribed for the Bhutanese School Syllabus or Higher Educational Institute Programme and has obtained the minimum qualifying marks in the subject at the Bachelor’s Degree examination, if prescribed.
  • Technical: Relevant field of specialization.
  • PGDNL: Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.
  • Dzongkha: Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Dzongkha/Buddhist Studies.
  • B.Ed.: B.Ed.




  • A graduate wishing to appear for the BCSE shall register online at
  • Registered candidates shall be provided with information on the venue, date and time of the Preliminary Examination before the examination.
  • Candidates who qualify in the Preliminary Examination shall be required to report in person for verification and confirmation for the Main Examination with the following documents in original as well as a complete set of photocopies:
    • Degree certificate and academic transcripts by semester-wise/year-wise or consolidated statement of marks;
    • Class XII transcripts;
    • Class X transcripts;
    • Valid Bhutanese Citizenship Identity Card;
    • Must have valid Security Clearance Certificate online which will be verified by the official on duty;
    • A graduate in medical and health profession shall produce a certificate of registration and internship completion letter from the Bhutan Medical and Health Council;
    • Original “No Objection Certificate for appearing BCSE and appointment in the Civil Service” from the employer, if employed in the Civil Service, Corporation, Private, NGO, Project etc;
    • One recent passport photograph;
    • Three legal stamps;
    • Letter of Undertaking, available on website during the time of documents verification; and
    • Valid Bhutanese Citizenship Identity card of the witness.


  • Certificate of Merit (if any) should be produced in original during the time of Viva Voce only.
  • The RCSC shall not accept any document which has inconsistent information of the candidate, particularly name of the candidate and date of birth.
  • Registration of applicants for the Main Examination with incomplete documents will not be accepted.




  • Upon successful outcome of the BCSE result, the selected candidates are required to undergo mandatory pre-employment drug test prior to their appointment in the civil service.
  • Medical Certificate will be submitted during placement and selection.
  • The selected candidates are required to submit the original Degree Certificate within two years from the year of the examination.

For MBBS graduates where the requirement in the Civil Service far exceeds supply, the PE may be exempted. However, this can be ascertained only after the e-Registration is complete. Information regarding exemption from the PE would be made available on the RCSC website one week after the e-Registration deadline.

The MBBS and BDS candidates are required to complete their internship latest by 31st December, 2018 to be eligible for appearing the BCSE 2018.

Further, the RCSC wishes to facilitate conducting P.E. at various regional centres besides Thimphu for convenience of the candidates. The candidates will be given option to appear P.E. in Gelephu and Mongar. However, this option is subject to having minimum number of graduates opting to appear P.E. at the designated venues. As such, the RCSC shall make an announcement on our website on 20th July, 2018 for the candidates who opt Gelephu and Mongar regarding the confirmation to conduct the PE at their optional venue submitted during e-Registration.

In-service candidates who have attained 35 years of age and above and not attained 45 years of age are requested to fill up this form (Click here to download the Form) and send to along with a copy of your Citizenship Identity Card and complete your e-registration upon receipt of intimation from the RCSC.

As the candidates may be aware, the poll day for the primary and general elections of the 3rd National Assembly will be sometime after the declaration of the PE result, the candidates will be facilitated to opt for voting through the ‘postal facilitation booth’ from Thimphu by the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB). The candidates are required to indicate your option in the ‘declaration’ part of your e-registration and the list will be shared with the ECB. The candidates are requested to consider your option as the final decision since you cannot make changes to your option later as per the requirement of the ECB.

For any clarification, please contact the Civil Service Examination Division, RCSC Secretariat @ 77193223/77193224/02-339237 during office hours or email us at

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