Design Thinking for Public Sector Innovation- November 16, 2016

As a part of the final phase of the Design Thinking for Public Sector Innovation Workshops conducted by the Royal Civil Service Commission in collaboration with Temasek Foundation and Singapore Polytechnic International, Singapore, the 50 Design Thinking Team presented their project to the respective agencies, various stakeholders and the facilitators from Singapore. During the presentation session, Mr. Alexander Lau, Senior Design Lead, from the Public Service Division, Singapore gave a talk on the Singapore Public Service’s Design Thinking experiences and the Human Lab.


The Design Thinking project Topics are as follows:
On the 16th November 2016:
1. “My Water” by Ministry of Works and Human Settlement /Thimphu Thromde
2. “Hey 2030!” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Labour and Human Resources
On the 17th November 2016:
1. APEX-Connect 360 by Royal Institute of Management Team
2. HoPE Scheme by Tourism Council of Bhutan Team
3. Nurture and Lift by Gross National Happiness Commission Team