Education and Training Services Group

  Education Management and Admin Services 

     Director II (Training )
     Dean (Academic Affairs)
     Dean (Student Affairs)
     Principal I
     Principal II
     Principal III
     Vice Principal II

   Education Support Services 

     Subject Specialists
     Controller of Examinations
     Chief Education Monitoring Officer
     Chief Curriculum Officer
     Curriculum Officer
     Education Monitoring Officer
     Dzongkhag Education Officer
     Asst. Dzongkhag Education Officer

   Teaching Services 

     Master Teacher
     Senior Teacher I
     Senior Teacher II
     Teacher I
     Teacher II
     Teacher III

   Training-Tertiary Teaching Services 

     Associate Professor
     Asst. Professor
     Associate Lecturer
     Sr. Lecturer
     Asst. Lecturer I
     Asst. Lecturer II
     Research Fellow

     Sr. Instructor
     Asst. Instructor
     Jr. Instructor I
     Jr. Instructor II

   Vocational Education & Management Services 

     Principal (Vocational)
     Vice Principal (Vocational)