Finalization of nominations for the Royal Civil Service Awards (Civil Service)- July 3, 2014

In keeping with the Royal Command from His Majesty the King, requirements of the Civil Service Act of Bhutan(Section 88) and as per the provisions of BCSR 2012,Chapter 22 on Civil Service Award, the RCSC has the pleasure to inform that the Royal Civil Service Award has been successfully institutionalized and henceforth, it shall be an annual event.
In this regard, Agencies are requested to implement the lifetime service award in line with the Award Framework (Annex I). Please find attached the list of i) civil servants superannuated/superannuating from July 1, 2013 to December 16, 2014(Annex IT); and ii) civil servants superannuated in the past 25 years (Annex III).

In implementing the dedicated service award.s 2014, we are sending you the list of eligible civil servants of your Agency, who have served more than i) 30 years (AnnexIV); ii) 20 years (Annex V); and iii) 10 years (Annex VI). The soft copies of these lists shall be emailed to your HR Officers.Vie request you to verify, finalize and submit the above lists in both hard and soft copies (norbu_sonam@’ to the RCSC· on or before July 30, 2014.

Furthermore, Agencies are requested to include the eligible employees who are missed out from Royal Civil Service Award 2013, including contract, para-regular, and ESP/ GSP employees.

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