Finance and Audit Services Group

Audit Services 

     Chief Auditor
     Deputy Chief Auditor
     Senior Audit Officer
     Audit Officer
     Assistant Audit Officer
     Auditor I
     Auditor II
     Auditor III

   Financial and Accounting Services

   Accounts Services

     Chief Accounts Officer
     Deputy Chief Accounts Officer
     Fund Manager(Election)
     Sr Accounts Officer
     Accounts Officer
     Asst Accounts Officer
     Accounts Asst I
     Accounts Asst II
     Accounts Asst III

   Budget Services

     Chief Budget Officer
     Dy Chief Budget Officer
     Sr Budget Officer
     Budget Officer
     Asst Budget Officer
     Budget Asst I
     Budget Asst. II
     Budget Asst. III

   Internal Audit Services

     Chief Internal Auditor
     Dy Chief Internal Auditor
     Sr. Internal Auditor
     Internal Auditor
     Asst. Internal Auditor

   Revenue Services


     Dy. Commissioner (Custom)
     Joint Commissioner(Custom)
     Asst. Commissioner (Custom)
     Custom Officer


     Asst. Commissioner (Revenue)
     Dy. Commissioner(Revenue)
     Joint Commissioner(Revenue)
     Regional Commissioner
     Revenue Customs Tax Inspector II 
     Revenue Customs Tax Inspector III
     Revenue Customs Tax Inspector I
     Revenue Officer


     Asstt. Commissioner(Tax)
     Deputy Commissioner(Tax)
     Joint Commissioner(Tax)
     Tax Officer