General Administration and Support Services Group

General Administration

     Admin Officer
     Asst Admin Officer I
     Asst. Admin Officer II
     Asst. Liaison Officer I
     Asst. Liaison Officer II
     Chief Admin Officer
     Dispatcher I
     Dispatcher II
     Second Secretary
     Driver I
     Driver II
     Drivers III
     Dy. Chief Admin Officer
     Gewog Admin. Officer I
     Gewog Admin. Officer II
     Gewog Admin. Officer III
     Liaison Officer
     Receptionist I
     Receptionist II
     Record Asst. I
     Record Asst. II
     Secretary to DYT Chairman
     Sr. Admin Officer
     Sr. Dispatcher
     Sr. Dzongrab
     Sr. Receptionist
     Sr. Secretary to DYT Chairman
     Sr. Telephone Operator I
     Sr. Telephone Operator II
     Telephone Operator I
     Telephone Operator II

   Program Coordinators

     Asst. Program Coordinator
     Chief Program Coordinator
     Dy. Chief Program Coordinator
     Program Coordinator
     Sr. Program Coordinator

   Program Services

     Asst. Program Officer
     Chief Program Officer
     Dy. Chief Program Officer
     Program Director.doc
     Program Officer.doc
     Sr. Program Officer

   Property Management

     Asst. Estate Manager
     Asst. Procurement Officer
     Chief Procurement Officer
     Dy. Chief Procurement Officer
     Estate Manager
     Procurement Officer
     Sr. Procurement Officer I
     Sr. Procurement Officer II
     Store Asst
     Store Keeper
     Valet I
     Valet II

   Secretarial Services

     Admin Asst. I
     Admin Asst. II
     Admin Asst. III
     Executive Asst. I
     Executive Asst. II
     Office Asst.
     Personal Asst. I
     Personal Asst. II
     Personal Asst. III
     Sr Admin Asst. I
     Sr. Personal Asst. I
     Sr. Personal Asst. II
     Sr. Admin Asst. II.doc