Interview Result of 2015 RGoB Scholarship at RIM

The RCSC is pleased to announce the final result of the 2015 RGoB Scholarship Selection Interview which was held from February 4-6, 2015 at the RCSC Conference Hall.

   1. Click here for MBM (Specialization in Public Administration)

   2. Click here for MBA & MBM(Specialization in Executive Leadership)

Please note that the admission to MBM (Specialization in Executive Leadership) is subjected to the RIM securing enough applicants for pursuing this course. In the event RIM is not able to secure enough applicants and this course is not offered, the two slots will be diverted to MBM (Specialization in Public Administration)

The selected candidates are requested to submit the following documents to their respective Ministries within five working days failing which the scholarship will be awarded to the next candidate:
    • Copy of Security Clearance Certificate.
    • Copy of Audit Clearance Certificate.
    • Copy of Medical Fitness Certificate.

Agency shall upload the study proposal on CSIS only upon receiving confirmation of Admission from the RIM. Kindly note that final award of scholarship is subject to securing admission.

For further information, please contact Tshewang Choden, HRDD at 322491(ext. # 122) or Yangden, HRDD at 322491(ext. # 107)