In order to ensure that Civil Servants of Bhutan in leadership position are equipped with the right competencies so as to enable them to become effective leader, the Leadership Capability Framework (LCF) has been developed. The leadership Capability Framework (LCF) is a framework that describes the capabilities required in civil servants holding leadership position. It specifically describes the behavioral traits that would indicate whether a leader has the capabilities expected of him in his/her role as a leader. Therefore, LCF can be used as a tool to assess if civil servants holding leadership positions have the leadership capabilities expected of them. And with these assessments civil service leadership can be groomed and targeted HRD interventions can also be provided to potential leaders.

The Leadership capability framework identifies the following three abilities as the basic foundation required in an effective leader.
1. Direction: The ability of a leader to set direction for his or her team
2. Delivery: The ability in a leader to deliver and achieve the targets set out for his team
3. Drive: The ability of a leader to engage his team in a manner that will unleash the highest potential of member of his/her team
For better understanding of these basic foundations, these are further divided into five corresponding capabilities and 20 related competencies as follows.

These competencies are further described in detail for clarity and each of these descriptions is further complimented by corresponding behavioral traits that would indicate that the leaders portray the desired leadership capability. The description in detail is as follows: