MoWHS Secretary Superannuates…- March 5, 2018

Dasho Phuntsho Wangdi, Hon’ble Secretary for the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement superannuates as a Government Secretary as of March 1, 2018 after 33 years and 11 months of dedicated service to the Tsa-Wa-Sum.

34 years ago, as a young and aspiring civil servant, Dasho began his career as an Assistant Engineer with the Department of Roads, Ministry of Communication. From 1986 to 1991, he served in Sarpang and Chhukha. By 2003, he was the Acting Director for the Department of Roads, Ministry of Works and Human Settlement. In the same year, he became the Director for the Department of Roads. He also served as the Director General of the Bhutan Standard Bureau until he became the Secretary of the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement in 2015. Dasho’s smooth career progression to the highest position in the Civil Service is a testament to his integrity, commitment and professionalism in the many years of service to the Tsa-Wa-Sum.


Dasho made many notable contributions especially in the field of construction projects such as the Manitar-Raidak Project, Restoration of flood-damaged Punakha Dzong, Project Management System, East-West Highway Project etc.


Dasho says that the civil service is “all going good”. He said that “Placing right person in the job is very important to enhance professionalism” and thus appreciates the concept of superstructure. Dasho feels that we should have a strong system that is institutionalised so that it can withstand challenges in any form that might endanger good governance.


As an advice to the young civil servants, Dasho emphasizes the need to place the highest priority on national interest and to always uphold our sovereignty and security. Further, he reminds all civil servants to be governed by Tha-Dam-Tse and Lay-Jum-Drey.


The Royal Civil Service Commission, on behalf of the Royal Civil Service of Bhutan, takes this opportunity to thank Dasho for his commitment and contribution to the Royal Government of Bhutan. We heartily congratulate Dasho for his 33 years and 11 months of dedicated service to the Tsa-Wa-Sum and wish him and his family a very happy and peaceful life ahead.


With sincere appreciation and deep gratitude.