Assurance on Accuracy of CV

Schedule for information correction across civil service agencies

 The Royal Civil Service Commission has scheduled information correction across civil service agencies starting from  13th February 2016. The CV correction exercise will focus primarily on civil servants who have responded “No” to the “Assurance on accuracy of CV”.

Please click here for Schedule in Dzongkhags
Please click here for the Schedule in Agencies


RCSC would like to remind HROs to comply with the earlier notification on non-assurance of CV accuracy and in particular the clause:

“While the LTC and training can be processed by the agencies in respect of those civil servants who have not responded to the accuracy of their CSIS, the payment of LTC and award of training shall not be entertained till the date of compliance”

The list of non-respondents is shared as of 31st July 2015 (3pm). This list of non-respondents is to be shared with respective accounts personnel and advised not to pay LTC until the individual civil servant provides evidence of assurance on CV.

How do we know if the civil servant has assured or not?

The status of assurance is given at the end of their CV. It has three possibilities and only the third one means that the CV is neither seen nor assured. For example:

1. This CV is verified to be accurate as on dd/mm/yr by the individual civil servant.
2. This CV is viewed and found to be not accurate or upto date as on dd/mm/yr by the civil servant
3. This CV is not verified by the civil servant as on dd/mm/yr

The third statement has to be changed to either the first or second statement to receive the LTC.

How do you do assurance on CV?

The assurance on CV is done by viewing individual CV using EID as username and Date of Birth as password. If the CV is correct, just click submit and if CV is incorrect, select ‘No’, Enter mobile number and then click submit button. Ensure that “submitted successfully” is displayed.

All individual civil servants listed below are hereby requested to view your CV in CSIS (Click Here to view your CV) and respond either YES – if your CV is correct or NO – if your CV is incorrect.

Click Here for the List of Non-respondents to the “Assurance on Accuracy of CV” as of 31st July, 2015 (3pm)

Those who have already submitted your corrections along with the supporting documents either by post/in-person or email need not submit your documents again. However, you still have to do “Assurance on Accuracy of CV” (select ‘No’, Enter mobile number and then click submit button). We are in the process of correcting/updating the CVs on first-come-first basis. As usual, we will post your Name, EID and Agency on the website as soon as the corrections are completed.

Click Here for the list of civil servants whose CVs have been corrected and assured in CSIS, from 18th May to 5th June, 2015.The “Assurance on Accuracy of CV” for these individuals have been done in CSIS – please, check the last page of your CV to view your Assurance statement.