Selection Result for the Post of Director, DRE, MoEA - February 28, 2020

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Phuntsho Namgyel, Chief Engineer, National Centre for Hydrology and Meteorology has been selected as the Director for Department of Renewable Energy under the Ministry of Economic Affairs through an open competitive selection procedure held on February 10, 2020.

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Vacancy Announcement: Director , DRE, MoEA. - December 27, 2019

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The Royal Civil Service Commission is pleased to announce the following vacancy for in-service civil servant:

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Executive Transferred - December 26, 2019

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In line with the decision of the 25th Commission Meeting held on December 10, 2019,Kunzang Namgyel Tshering, former Director to BIMSTEC has been transferred to Department of Occupational Standards, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources with effect from January 1, 2020.

Executives and Specialists Promoted for January 1, 2020 - December 25, 2019

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The Commission during it’s 25th Commission Meeting held on December 10, 2019 approved promotion of the following executives and specialists with effect from January 1, 2020 Read More…

Executive Appointed - October 22, 2019

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In line with the decision of 18th Commission Meeting held on October 15 2019,

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Superannuation Ceremony for Executives and Specialists - July 24, 2019

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As a token of appreciation for the many long years of dedicated and loyal services as Civil Servants Read more