Press Release on King’s Scholarships

As a part of the Civil Service Reforms (CSR), Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is identifying talent pool for leadership in civil service from a very young age and grooming them strategically. To achieve this strategic goal, Class XII passed candidates with well-rounded talents in addition to their academic achievements will be selected through a robust selection process to pursue bachelor degrees in the top-rated overseas colleges/Universities under the prestigious King’s Scholarships. His Majesty the King, on numerous occasions, in his Royal addresses, has time and again commanded that we have to “make up in talents what we cannot in numbers”. This is a step in that direction as human resource is the key consideration in the overall socio-economic development strategies to transform our country.

RCSC has instituted “King’s Scholarships” to offer scholarships to candidates after completion of Class XII from recognized Higher Secondary Schools both from in-country and overseas. Besides their undergraduate studies, they will be provided with developmental and leadership programs during the annual semester-break so that they will be able to anticipate and seize opportunities for the long-term interests of our country. The performance of the scholarship awardees will be tracked both during their undergraduate studies and on joining the civil service to ensure that they are groomed properly and rewarded appropriately. Unlike the conventional undergraduate scholarships, the King’s Scholarship has the following components:

1. Three stage selection process: (a) Written test – cognitive and psychometric, (b) Class XII Academic Performance and (c ) Viva Voce/panel interview. 

2. Developmental programs to inculcate values, loyalty and ethos of the civil service. During the end of each year coinciding with the semester break, candidates will be required to be in Bhutan so that they remain in touch with our ethos of the civil service, values, loyalty, culture, tradition and the other Bhutanese important traits. This cycle of annual programs will continue till they complete their studies. They will be attached with important agencies, organize important session such as lectures, seminars, and programs with the Department of Culture, to have deeper understanding of the tradition, culture and Driglam-Namzha 

3. Further, their academic progress will be monitored and assessed after every semester to ensure that they excel in their academic pursuits.Scholarship Awardees will pursue undergraduate studies in the areas of public administration, engineering, information and communications technology and data analytics, international relations, economics, education, mathematics and agriculture. The 9 scholarships will be offered under the prestigious King’s Scholarship for the 2022 intake. The details of the “King’s Scholarship” will be mentioned in the Scholarship Announcement. 

The King’s Scholarship is being implemented in collaboration between the RCSC and the Ministry of Education.