Result for RGoB Scholarship at RIM 2018 Intake

The RCSC is pleased to announce the result for RGoB Scholarship at RIM 2018 intake Selected candidates those who haven’t submitted the following documents are requested to submit the documents to the RCSC in or at the earliest and also do submit the mentioned documents to the respective agencies for onwards submission through the CSIS:

1. Admission Form (Offshore application form of University of Canberra)…download here
2. Copy of Citizenship Card/Passport
3. Copy of the proof of English language ability (ELPC)
4. Copy of Security Clearance Certificate
5. Copy of Audit Clearance Certificate
6. Copy of Medical Fitness Certificate.

Click Here for the Result

Respective Ministries and Agencies are further requested to upload the study proposal on CSIS of the selected candidates.

For further information, please contact Sonam Wangchuk, HRDD at 17944449 or Thinley Choden at 17473071.