Retirement Planning Services- June 15, 2017

The Royal Civil Service Commission will be conducting a two-day workshop on Retirement Planning Services from June 15-16, 2017.

Retirement Planning is one of the activities under the Civil Service Well-being program, one of the five reforms currently being undertaken under this Commission.


It is the start of preparing the civil servants for life after retirement by setting their retirement goals/objectives and stimulating a positive attitude towards retirement.


These workshops are being conducted and will be conducted because it has been observed that civil servants are often caught unaware and unprepared for life after retirement. Many are ill prepared to deal with financial, psychological and emotional challenges that accompany separation from the Civil Service. Unfortunately, it is also too late for remedial actions especially in case of financial challenges. Therefore, the retirement planning is an initiative to help civil servants plan their years for a better future. It is aimed at preparing civil servants – mentally and financially – for a better life after superannuation.

The workshops will be targeted at civil servants who have 10, five years and one year to superannuate.This workshop is for civil servants with 10 years left to retirement.

RCSC with the assistance from the Austrian Development Agency will be developing comprehensive framework on retirement planning. The Project titled Civil Service Reforms for Excellence in Public Service Delivery is scheduled for implementation with effect from July 1, 2017.