Selection criteria for the B.Ed. Graduates- March 1, 2017

The placement and selection of the B.Ed. Graduates Examination 2016 shall be carried out on March 9, 2017.

For B.Ed. General

The candidates are requested to observe following methods in order to assess your prospect of being selected for the vacancies announced:

  1. 1. Note your rank in the overall result;
  2. 2. Refer vacancies announced and subject requirement against each vacancies. For example, B.Ed. (Primary) and B.Ed. (Secondary) with English/History/Geography electives are eligible for general subject vacancies which is 175.
  3. 3. Exclude other candidates who have B.Ed. (Secondary) with Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Math electives who are above you in the overall ranking.
  4. 4. Note your rank again after excluding Sl. 3 candidates above you in the overall ranking whether you are within the vacancies available.

Similar procedures may be followed for other subjects.

For B.Ed. Dzongkha

  1. There are 50 vacancies; and
  2. Candidates will be given preference to opt as per the merit ranking of the result.