Selection Result for the Teacher Training Course under MONBUKAGAKUSHO( MEXT)

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is pleased to announce the selection Result for the Teacher Training Course under MONBUKAGAKUSHO( MEXT), 2017 as follows:

Sl. no Name EID # School Dzo/Thromde Remarks
1 Norbu Zam 201001766 Sisina P S Thimphu Recommended
2 Ugyen P Wangchuk 200901393 Khasadrapchu MSS Thimphu Recommended
3 Ugyen Dorji 201001222 Sarpang CS Sarpang Recommended
4 Rinzin Dorji 200901623 Gaselo CS Wangdue Recommended
5 Chuni 200701489 Bjemina PS Thimphu Recommended
6 Chencho Dorji 201101512 Jangchubling LSS Sarpang Recommended
7 Tshering Yangzom 200701465 Shaba MSS Paro Recommended
8 Jigme Tshewang 201001522 Tang CS Bumthang Recommended
9 Bhim Bdr. Rai 201201612 Garpawoong MSS Samdrupjongkhar Recommended
10 Tshering Peldon 201201637 Lungtenzampa MSS Thimphu Thromde Recommended



  1. Application of Recommended candidates will be forwarded to the Japanese Government for Final Selection; and
  2. Final selection and award will be subject to the approval of the Government of Japan.