Shortlist of 2015 Nehru-Wangchuck Scholarship Announcement (Civil Service)

The RCSC is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates of 2015 Nehru-Wangchuck Scholarship for various courses to be held in India.

    1. Click here for Planning/Development Studies/Public Policy/Public Administration Courses – 2 Slots.
    2. Click here for MBA (HR)/HRM Courses – 1 Slot.
    3. Click here for M Tech in Construction Engineering & Management Course – 2 Slots.

During the interview, they should make a 10-minutes power-point presentation covering the following topics which will be followed by the question-answer session (Click here to the Interview Format and final criteria):
    a. What factors did you consider for selecting the proposed field of study?
    b. How the Knowledge and skills gained from the proposed Master Program would help your future development needs (Post study plan)?

Further, the candidates are required to submit the following documents to Tshering Zangmo of HRD Division, RCSC at on or before 30 January, 2015 failing which it will not be accepted and marked zero for the selection:
   1.   Copy of your PE Ratings (2012-13 & 2013-14); and
   2.  Curriculum Vitae (CV) in a prescribed format (Download CV format) which is to be circulated among the panel members.

The candidates are also expected to bring the relevant documents such as merit certificates and publications (if any) during the interview.
Interview Schedule
      Venue:   Commissioner’s Chamber, HRD Division, RCSC
      Time :   9:15 am till 4:00 pm
      Date :   02 February, 2014

All the shortlisted candidates are requested to report to the RCSC at 9:10 am sharp to do the lucky dip for arranging the interview sequence.

Also, we have compiled and posted your Rural Posting and Seniority for corrections if any (Click here to view your Rural Posting and Seniority here).

Therefore, if you have any corrections to be made with regards to the shortlisting, seniority and rural posting, please contact us at 02-322491 (Ext. 122) during office hours latest by Friday, 30 January, 2015 after which it will not be accepted.