Notification - May 26, 2020

In line with the 45th Commission Meeting held on May 19, 2020, the RCSC would like to notify that civil servants planning to apply for PhD programs  must consult and seek approval from their Agency regarding their field of study prior to seeking admission and scholarship read more

Notification on the Effective date of waiting list. - May 14, 2020

In accordance with the decision of the 43rd Commission Meeting held on May 5, 2020, the date on which
the waiting list as per the Section 14.4.20 of the BCSR 2018 shall become effective is as follows:

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Specialist Management & Development Framework 2020 - May 4, 2020

Amendment to Section 26.11 and 26.12 of Chapter 26 on Executive and Specialist of Bhutan
Civil Service Rules & Regulation 2018 is amended as attached. Read More:

Notification - April 29, 2020

The Commission has observed that for Civil Servants who come into conflict with the law, the completion of Court/disciplinary proceeding takes a substantial amount of time at every level of the appellate authority. Furthermore, in most cases when the appellate loses his case, he keeps appealing till the highest appellate Court resulting in case taking many years to complete. Read more…

Notification on lateral transfer to replace civil servants on EOL. - March 24, 2020

The Royal Civil Service Commission during its 37th Commission Meeting held on March 17,2020 noted that the agencies are facing disruption in its service due to relieving its employees on lateral transfer to vacant positions created by civil servants availing Extraordinary leave.

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Extraordinary Medical Leave for COVID-19 - March 20, 2020

Placing highest importance on the safety of the civil servants in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Commission in its 37th Commission Meeting held on 17th March 2020 reviewed the BCSR 2018 vis-a-vis the efforts to contain the disease and decided to sanction “Extraordinary Medical Leave” to civil servants. Read more