Civil Service Structure

1. SCHEDULE 2A Super Structure Group
2. SCHEDULE 2B Protocol for creation of MoG, SG and Positions
3. SCHEDULE 2C Agencification Framework
4. SCHEDULE 2D Parent Agency Framework

Civil Service Values and Conduct

1. Commitment to the Civil Service Values and Conduct
2. Declaration of Conflict of Intrest

Recruitment, Selection and Appointment -Regular Civil Service

1.Civil Service Employment Application Form
2. Interview Form
3. Oath of Allegiance

Contract Appointment

1. Need Assessment for Operational
2. Service terms and conditions for Contract Employees
3. Contract Extension Form
4. Schedule 5A Checklist for Pay and Benefits for contract employees
5. Schedule 5B Recruitment Selection and appointment procedures for Substitute Teachers with Forms

Revised CFS Form

  1. 1. Note for sanction of expenditure
  2. 2. Salary Advance Form
  3. 3. Public Work Advance Form

General and Elementary Service

1. Contract Agreement Form for GSP and ESP
2. Contract Extension Form for GSP and ESP
3. SCHEDULE 6A and 6B

Bhutan Civil Service Examination for Recruitment of University Graduates

1. Annual Graduate Requisition


1. Interview Form

2. Promotion Summary Form

3. Post Adjustment Form

4. Undertaking

5. Supplementary Meritorious Promotion Proposal Form

6. SCHEDULE 13 A Doctors (MBBS and BDS)

7. Specialist Promotion Form 

8.Board Membership Application Form


1. Travel Authorization Form
2. Travel allowance claim form

Volunteer Forms

1. Australian Volunteer Request Form
2. Request Form for JICA Volunteers
3. Volunteer Evaluation Form 1
4. Volunteer Evaluation Form 2A
5. Volunteer Evaluation Form 2B
6. FFT request form


8. KOICA Request Form

In-Service Human Resource Development

1. Joining/Training Report/Feedback Form 9/4(LTT & STT)
2. STT Nomination Review Form
3. LTT Nomination Application Form
4. Incountry PGD
5. Guideline for implementing STT
6. Excountry undergraduate
7. Course Joining Report for LTT
8. Calculation of Rural Posting Weightage


1. Leave Request And Approval Form
2. Undertaking


Civil Service Record and Information System

1. Information Correction Form
2. Information Request Form

MaX -Performance Appraisal Form

1. Performance Appraisal Form for Professional and Management, and Specialist Services Group
2. Performance Appraisal Form for Supervisory & Support Services Group
3. Performance Appraisal Form for Operational Category
4. Form to Change PE Ratings 3 Nov 2020

CSWS – Well-Being Division

1. CSWS Claim Form
2. CSWS Contribution
3. CSWS Lifetime Membership Certificate
4. CSWS Nomination/Update FORM
5. CSWS Registration form (For new Recruits)
6. Status Update On the Superannuated Civil Servants

7. Medical Referral Form

8. Childbirth Cliam Form

9. CSWS Reimbursement Form 3.7

Requisition Form

  1. Requisition form

Separation Form

  1. 1. Separation Benefits and Gratuity Working Sheet/ Application Form