Shortlisted Candidates for TICA Scholarship 2015 intake

The RCSC is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for 2015 TICA Scholarship (Full support Scholarships and Cost-Sharing Scholarships) for various courses to be held in Thailand. The list of shortlisted candidates for different courses are given below:
Master in Computer Science and Information Technology
Master in Economics
Master in Public Health
Master of Arts in Environment Development and sustainability
Master of Nursing Science
Master of Science Biology
Master of Science Chemistry
Master of Science in Bio-Chemistry and Research for Health Development and Food Technology
Master of Science in Food Science
Master of Science Linguistic
Master of Science Mathematics
Master of Science Physics
Masters in Rural Development and Management
Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Studies
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Studies (Cost sharing)
Masters in Dentistry(Cost sharing)

The interview for the shortlisted candidates will be held on 27th and 28th May 2015. The selection interview for the following Programs will be held on May 27(Wednesday), 2015:

  1.         1.Masters of Education in Curriculum & Instruction Studies.
  2.         2.Masters of Science Physics.
  3.         3.Masters of Science Chemistry.
  4.         4.Masters of Science Biology.
  5.         5.Masters of Science Mathematics.
  6.         6.Masters of Nursing Science.
  7.         7.Masters in Bio-Chemistry/ Masters of Science on Research for Health Development & Masters of Science in             Food Technology.
  8.         8.Masters of Computer Science & Information Technology.

The selection interview for the following programs will be held on May 28(Thursday), 2015.

  1.         1.Master of Science in Food Science.
  2.         2.Master in Public Health.
  3.         3.Masters in International Business Management/ Masters in Leadership in HRM/ MBA & Public Policy.
  4.         4.Masters of Arts in Environment Development & Sustainability.
  5.         5.Masters in Rural Development.
  6.         6.Masters in Economics.
  7.         7.Masters in Linguistic.
  8.         8.Masters in Dentistry (Cost Sharing)
  9.         9.Masters in Education in Curriculum & Instruction Studies (Cost Sharing).

All the shortlisted candidates are requested to report to the RCSC at 9:10 am sharp for interview.
Venue: RCSC Conference Hall.
Time:    9:15 am till 4: pm.
Date:    May 27 and May 28, 2015.

Further, the candidates are required to submit the following documents to Lhendup of HRD Division, RCSC at on or before May 25, 2015 failing which it will not be accepted and marked zero for the selection:

1.  Curriculum Vitae (CV) in a prescribed format Download CV Format which is to be circulated among the panel members.

Please note that the Rural Posting will be rated based on the information given in  your CV and if there is any genuine change to be made in your CV please submit the supporting documents for verification before rating.

For any clarification or correction, please contact Sonam Wangchuk HRDD at 32249/322954/322956 or (ext 129) latest by 25th May 2015 before 5PM after which it will not be entertained.